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Get everything symbols in the glass menagerie symbols in the glass menagerie you need to know about Glass symbols in the glass menagerie Unicorn in The Glass Menagerie.

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Tennessee …. Analysis, related quotes, timeline You've already earned points for these correct answers. Try getting them symbols in the glass menagerie all correct, or take another quiz.

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Scene 7 …. Tennesse Williams' The Glass Menagerie, scene one The Wingfield apartment is in the rear of the successful business concepts building, one of those vast hive-like conglomerations of cellular.

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It is telling that the picture has remained in the apartment all these years, reminding the family every day of his absence. The seventeen gentleman callers : Amanda tries to escape her current life as a deserted wife who must constantly scramble for money by retelling stories of when she was young and life had limitless possibilities. This is most represented in the tale of when she was courted by seventeen Southern gentlemen who came from the finest families.

For Tom, the idea of escape is most important. He constantly escapes to the unreality of the movies. Tom also admires a magician he sees who is able to escape from a coffin without removing a nail.

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He sees his current situation and his family life as a coffin. When they are done, have students discuss or write about why some authors choose to use their own lives when they are writing works of fiction.

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  6. What might be some of the benefits and the pitfalls to using real people and situations in a work of fiction? A gentleman caller, or a caller, was a young man who sought to find out the availability of a young woman for a date. The gentleman caller is less a boyfriend than just a date, and sometimes a young girl had many callers to choose from, as Amanda claims she did in the play.

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    This would sometimes result in a competition between the young men, who would jockey to win the affections of the young woman. If her family also approved of him, after a courtship term of exclusive dating , the young man would eventually propose marriage.

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